I.Z (DSG) who is not just a good singer but also a good brand is beginning to hit the spot lights hard as he becomes one of the most talk about upcoming artist

With an attitude like that which he give,
IZ is one to be watched out for as his being featured on our 6th edition magazine ( Stealing the sport-light )


6 Part-Time Jobs Upcoming Musicians Can Do To Earn A Living

Before you decided to venture into/pursue music, you must have already known that the big bucks wasn’t going to start rolling in immediately (unless you are an O.B.O, ofcourse).

It’s a well known fact that until you can earn a living being a full-time musician, you’ll need to do some other things on the side to help pay the bills and supplement your income.

To do this, you need to find flexible jobs that wouldn’t encroach on your studio time or other music-related things like gigs, tours, and writing, while helping you be a little financially stable.

The 6 jobs below can help you work part-time as a musician before you start earning a full time living with your music career.


6. Sound technician

One of the best female musicians in the country, Simi, started out as a sound engineer.

So learning all about sound tech and using the knowledge practically, is another way you can make money on a part-time basis.

A lot of music venues, studios, event centres and even churches, are always in need of people who know their way around things entailing sound technology.

Or if you are the kind that loves to travel, you can reach out to touring agencies like Glo Fest, Star Trek, and others like that to work for them during the tour.


5. Uber/Taxify driver

If you have a car, then being an Uber/Taxify driver certainly can’t hurt your chances of making money at all. If anything, it’s a really decent way to make some side cash.

You get to choose your own time, and you don’t have to report to anyone. It’s pure convenience and a good way to make money part-time.


4. Graphic designer

Did you know that Adekunle Gold was (and probably still is,) a graphic designer? Even though graphic design is kinda specialized, if you have the patience to learn, coupled with your creativity, you can start making some beautiful work in no time at all.

You can work from home and create logos, banners, or anything your client needs. All you need is a laptop with a good design software (Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw) and you are good to go.


3. Freelance writer

Freelance writing is another good way to make money. You can draw from your experiences and write good, engaging, and inspiring articles/posts.

Make a list of your favourite artists, critic singles and albums, advice and give tips, etc. The once-popular vocalist, Et Cetera, started doing this and his posts were always one of the most trending topics for that day, sometimes, for a week or two.

There are still many other part-time jobs you can invest in. I’ll be sure to update this list as time goes by, so always be on the lookout.

In the mean time, if you have any other suggestions for musicians to work part-time, please tell me in the comment section below.



2. DJ

There are a lot of DJs who are now singing, rapping, and releasing albums; and for good reason – they know music, having worked with it for so long.

Why not reverse it? Since you are a musician who creates music, you can also function as a DJ. Play at weddings, clubs, bars, etc.

You can get basic DJ gear at affordable prices now, and as a musician yourself, you’ll have a leg up over much of the competition.

1. Music teacher

Teaching is a great way to earn some money as a musician. If you watch Nollywood movies and you know ‘Saka’, then you will be interested to know that he is a lecturer in Unilag.

In fact, many actors and actresses teach in film schools, but sadly, there are little to no musicians teaching in music schools.

It’s still an untapped market and there are many people who will pay big bucks for good music lessons; be it singing, learning an instrument like the piano, guitar, teaching sound engineering, production, etc..

The best part is, you can open a school or do private/home lessons… All at your own time.

Interview with I.Z
Musiceasy8 : Proudest moments so far?

That happened in a show in my university. When I shut down one of the biggest events and got a standing ovation from everyone present there

Musiceasy8 :What’s that one thing that you can give music up for?

I don’t see anything

Musiceasy8 So what would you say is the headache with romantic relationships?

I don’t want to talk anything about that since I’m not really a relationship guy. Have only been in a few so far. So I can’t really tell much on relationships

Musiceasy8 :What would you do if for some reason, social media is no more?

I think people were still making music and getting known even before the emergence of social media. So if by tomorrow there’s no social media, then I will keep making my music

Musiceasy8 What genre would you classify your music under?

Afro-rap fusion

What is the biggest challenge you face as both a singer, rapper and songwriter?

I think generally as an artiste, my major problem is lack of funds to do and push my music the way I want

Musiceasy8 How do you intend to evolve as a new generation artist?*
Right now I’m thinking of challex-D-boss in Calabar, I think he’s the biggest artiste in cross river state at the moment. Then I also have in mind to do collabo with kolaboy from Enugu. Then erigga, that’s the king of the South. So these are the major plans before the year runs out by God’s grace

Musiceasy8: Which song would you consider as the biggest song in Nigeria right now?

To me I think it’s Rock by olamide

Musiceasy8 : Many consider ‘Do am 4 Me and Show you ’ to be your biggest project yet, what benefits did the single connect you to in the music industry?

Musiceasy8: Tell us three facts about you that people don’t know?

1.Some people don’t know I’m an Igbo boy.
2.Some don’t know I’m in school either
3. And many don’t know I’m a shy guy.
But being shy doesn’t stop me from being sharp

How do you feel becoming the cover star of Musiceasy8 magazine the 6th edition?

No other feeling then a good one.
I’m happy and grateful for that

Musiceasy8: What is your advice for fellow artist?
Work hard, pray to God.
That’s it – All man should believe in himself

Musiceasy8: If you were not doing music, what would you have dabbled into?

Lecturing. I think I will also make a good lecturer
Musiceasy8 Do you have a celebrity crush? Who?

Musiceasy8 : Considering the love theme in all of your song Show you would you consider yourself a Romantic?
All my songs?

I don’t think all my songs have been about love. Actually I’m not really the love love Kind of guy.
But sure I will be doing love songs. That all depends on the inspiration

Musiceasy8 : Is there any project you’re working on before the year runs out or some Album /EP your fans should look forward to?

I don’t intend to drop an album on an EP this year. But they should be expecting good singles

Cover Star: I.Z (DSG)


Style Direction: MR MANAGER


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