On musiceasy8 4th Edition Magazine Latest issue covered by Promzzy

Jeffrey chukwuebuka James known and refred as  Promzzy rocks a bold new look as the cover star for POSTIVE Magazine Musiceasy8  latest issue. He is blond and we are loving it!


Read excerpts below:

On how the internet has impacted the music business:

It has democratised the industry. There is no more monopoly of media attention. If you have a good song (product) and know how to market yourself (publicity) all you need is good internet and a good enough phone. The cheaper internet gets the more creative expressions we would get to experience in Nigeria. There is a silent but unstoppable revolution going in the music industry globally, all that’s left now is for artistes to be more business inclined and less dependent traditional structures to succeed. A good combination of talent, drive, music education and grace would take you there and humility would keep you there.

Inside the feature, the singer discusses his music career, creative process, the music industry and his plans for the future.

just in

Wizkid left EME to establish his Starboy label before joining Sony Music, Davido broke out of HKN to form DMW before he also engaged with Sony Music, Olamide threw his deuces at Coded Tunes to birth YBNL, Burna Boy parted ways with Aristokrat Records to continue with his Spaceship imprint and Runtown recently escaped from Eric Many to float his Sound God Music Group.

Promzzy has done the same by leaving  zeal sounds to join The Lion House Entertainment  and he will not be the last pop star to follow this pattern.


Musiceasy8.com: Who inspired you to make music?
Promzzy: I was inspired by my late father, when he was alive and I was little then he do sing and also play music like Bob marley, lucky dube and all this old school stuffs
Musiceasy8.com: Who would you most like to collaborate with?
Promzzy: Wizkid, davido and teni this are the people for now
Musiceasy8.com: How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?
Promzzy: Well for me its a very easy ways of pushing my self to be well recognised, and it has helped alot of underground artists to get recognised.
Musiceasy8.com: f you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

Promzzy: You see pride? Is one thing that most artist have, which make so many of them don’t listen to upcoming artist and willing to help either. So pride is one thing I will kill if I’m permitted to do so
Musiceasy8.com: What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?
Promzzy: Well I’ll say business aha!
Promzzy: Not selling of clothes or all this road side business oh hahahaha I mean legitimate business.
Musiceasy8.com: What inspired one of ypur jit single positive which our magazine was named after ?
Promzzy: what inspired me of doing that song is my past life I understand that life is a gradually process, I also do the single to inspired so many youths for them to work hard in what ever they are doing and also pray to God.
Musiceasy8.com: Do you think you could get any better as a musican ? And if so how would you achive that ?
Promzzy: Yes, I believe so much that I can do more better and for me to achieve it I have to concentrate, putting more effort and also support with prayers
Musiceasy8.com: If you would date any musician Or Celebrity who would it be and why ?Promzzy: Hehehe well I’m thinking of taking tiwa savage away from our very own star boy. But unfortunately I found one but I’m not gonna say her name yet.
Musiceasy8.com: Lol Based on where you’re coming from, what would you like to do differently?
Promzzy: By the grace of God I being the first super star and providing jobs opportunities for the youths in my town.
Musiceasy8.com: Very Interesting. How did you find Domi favz ?
Promzzy: Hahaha! Well I found her when I was first signed in zeal sounds entertainment so my boss was actually looking for a female artist to sign too, so at the process of scouting out for one I meet her so from there we became closed friends and after some months I was abandoned by my boss so I call for a termination meeting.. Although she was not leter signed in the record label . But our friendship keeps growing to extend that we both feel something more than friendship can feel for each other hehehe.
Musiceasy8.com: Wow Let’s talk about your new EP Which we have seen the artwork and tracklist when are we expecting it ? .
Promzzy: For now I don’t really know when drop my extended play album (EP) , I’m just trying to get it done at the right time, besides I don’t want it to be as if I’m in a competition with any persons you understand, so many EP’s are on ground now so I have to wait a little bit and see what will happen soon by the grace of God.
Musiceasy8.com: Now that you’re open to features, who should we expect on the extended play album (EP) as said ?
Promzzy: OK I’m coming out with these people erigga, Tonyorch, domi Favz, Onyislimzy and grahamdbaba that’s all for the now.
Musiceasy8.com: We’ve seen Promzzy as a comedian and we have seen you take up some acting roles Are you going to branch out into the movie industry at some point?
Promzzy: Well I was once into movie stuff, but that’s not really what I want besides I don’t need any distraction in my career.
Promzzy: For me to act now is just for the moment.
Musiceasy8.com: You cannot have Promzzy and not talk about girls.
Promzzy: Hahaha well I must say that what I find out about this industry as a male artist you have to focus on your female fans and as a female artist you have to focus on your male fans.. I just like girls that’s just it hahaha!
Musiceasy8.com Do you have a relationship working ?
Promzzy: Yes I do

Promzzy: And she understands me very well
Musiceasy8.com Of all the features you have been on, which do you hold dearly?
Promzzy: Fall for you by Mahoe and I, that song is something else.
Musiceasy8.com What is one message you would give to your fans?
Promzzy: I want to let all my fans know that I’ll make sure that I make them proud by working more harder to see our breakthrough in this industry and I also want to tell them never to give up on me I promise to give them more good and overwhelming songs.
Musiceasy8.com: good
Musiceasy8.com: omo let’s end here
Promzzy: OK thanks very much ❤️


If you are positive about things, you are hopeful and confident, and think of the good aspects of a situation rather than the bad ones.
Be positive about your future and get on with living a normal life. about] 
He became much more positive and was soon back in full-time employment. 
…a positive frame of mind

When it comes to the aspect of love,I mean relationships the guy is supposed to love more,because he’s the man and that he covers the relationship. But in most cases ladies love more because of their nature,and how they are made to be.

Who should Love more in a relationship Men or Women
A woman can go the extra mile for the one she loves,likewise the man although to some extend
But all these depends on the factors that instigates love.

In conclusion ladies love more in a relationship.

See more photos from the cover feature below:


Photography: Bol

 Cover Design/creative direction: DRIZZYKRU


Mariobe millionaire b4 20 : ep

Who should Love more in a relationship Men or Women

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