Here’s How You can Increase Your Earning Capacity with Emmanuel Kanayo’s ‘The Knowledge’ Challenge

Here’s How You can Increase Your Earning Capacity with Emmanuel Kanayo’s ‘The Knowledge’ Challenge

Following the spread of the coronavirus, governments in countries around the world have taken drastic actions such as total lockdown and social distancing to stem the spread of the virus and protect lives. Economic activities in most countries in Africa have slowed, placing significant strain on the business community and the economy.


A techpreneur with over a decade of cognate experience in online course creation, Stephanie obi  has helped thought leaders like Emmanuel kanayo  and more to develop online courses which have supported the overall growth and development of women in Nigeria and beyond. Well known for her online course platform

apart from the financial gains, which could improve the standard of living of the people, online courses could bridge the country’s huge education gap through training from experienced professionals.

To this end, aims to empower youth  throughout Africa by helping them increase their earning capacity with the Perfect Online Course Framework- a system that teaches people how to turn their knowledge into profitable courses. ‘The Knowledge‘, the New Gold challenge which is her brainchild, will eliminate the initial challenges African entrepreneurs face when they begin to create online courses.

Over 200 African entrepreneurs have already signed up for the first stream of the Knowledge is the New Gold challenge which is in partnership with SheCluded- a growth finance company for female entrepreneurs, who will provide short term loans to qualified candidates,” Stephanie says.

While speaking on this initiative, We  noted that it is worrisome how the coronavirus pandemic has had a strain on the world economy but added that the knowledge industry in Africa is an unexplored goldmine and now is the best time to tap into it.

By the end of 2020, our mission is to have 10,000 entrepreneurs who have created wealth using our perfect online course method,”

To participate in the challenge, partner on this initiative or to receive regular updates, please     click   visit here to start.

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