Mahoe  is the latest cover star for   TALENT IS NEVER ENOUGH MAGAZINE  led by   Drizzykruiz a blogger and a musician

Nigerian singer,  Onyeka Philip who is referred to as Mahoe in entertainment circles. A more recent example and probably still the current record holder of this category of hits is definitely Mahoe’s star-studded Nonsense a banger by all rights Nonsense currently circles the 10 Thousand mark on Musiceasy8 streams , 2 months after release. Hours before this draft, I heard it twice on the radio, once by self-volition and twice at a music festival. Imagine rationalizing these numbers across digital streaming platforms during its peak and its current off-peak season…




Musiceasy8: Hi Mahoe , nice to meet you. Tell us about yourself, what do Nigerians not know about you?

Mahoe : My name is Onyeka philip .I hails from Delta State graduated from University of Enugu
Musiceasy8 : Why did you choose the name Mhaoe ?

Mahoe : There was some silence from you after the release of your hit single, “Chosen ” What happened?

Mahoe : I had to transition from being under a record label to being an independent artiste and that has been on for the past two years now. I had to travel to Lagos – they’re really into dancehall so I had to go there- to make allies. i went to places and met with some DJs in order to have a good network and promote my music on my own. I did collaborations with different artistes and I was on the first track . I had songs with Top nigerian artistes

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Musiceasy8: Featuring Top rated artist like Harrysong on your single onyeoma was it favourable ?

Mahoe : Yes it was i gained alot of attention from fans and it’s encourging

Musiceasy8 : How was your experience working with the producers on your recent tracks Nonsense ?

Mahoe : It was magical because most of them are my friends. They were patient and listened to my opinions as well as sharing theirs. The producers were great and I thank God for that.

Musiceasy8 : How would you personally describe the dynamics of the music industry?

Mahoe : I think the Nigerian music industry still has a lot of work to do. If the Nigerian music industry is more organized and strategic, we’ll be able to make as much money as we see on Instagram. Nigerian music is a big project so the government should structure the industry in a way that it would benefit everybody. It will be nice if they can stop piracy and make people buy music instead of free downloads. I hope that’s soon so everybody that has worked hard to bring Africa to the limelight gets to enjoy the benefits. Everybody before now, did a great job. The likes of Majek Fashek, Osadebe, Onyeka Onwenu, Sunny Ade, Blackie. Now, Nigerian music has come to the limelight to the international audience and regardless of the negativity in the country, Nigerian music has brought a lot of jobs and hope to Nigerians. We’ve done a great job and I can’t wait for 2025 to see the kind of music Africans would be making.



John Maxwell is one of my favourite authors. I love the practical application, unique perspective and depth of thought that characterise his books. I also enjoy how he uses real life stories to illustrate his message and drive home his point in all his works – at least the ones that I have read or listened to – including Talent is Never Enough.

The main message of the book is that while talent often plays an indispensable role in facilitating success, true success is rarely a result of talent alone. Rather, it is a product of many other factors. Talent is Never Enough calls on readers to enhance and maximise their talents by making 13 major choices which will move them from being talented people to becoming “talent-plus” people.


The chapter headings give a good overview of what the book is all about:

1. Belief lifts your talents

2. Passion energises your talents

3. Initiative activates your talent

4. Focus directs your talents

5. Preparation positions your talent

6. Practice sharpens your talent

7. Perseverance sustains your talent

8. Courage tests your talent


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9. Teachability expands your talent

10. Character protects your talent

11. Relationships influence your talent

12. Responsibility strengthens your talent

13. Teamwork multiplies your talent

Here are some words from the book that are worth mulling over:

“Lack of belief can act as a ceiling on talent… Your potential is a picture of what you can become. Belief helps you see the picture and reach for it.”

“When a man has put a limit on what he will do, he has put a limit on what he can do.” – Charles Schwab

“What we accomplish in life is based less on what we want and more on how much we want it. The secret to willpower is what someone once called wantpower.”

“Talent-plus people don’t wait for everything to be perfect to move forward. They don’t wait for all the problems or obstacles to disappear. They don’t wait until their fear subsides. They take initiative.”

“If you desire to achieve something, you first need to know what your target is… Attempting everything, like attempting nothing, will suck the life out of you.”

Packed with examples, quotes and practical insights, Talent is Never Enough carries a message that is sorely needed by anyone who believes that his/her talent entitles him/her to success. If you’re such a person, this book will show you that you can be a talented person and still fall short of your potentials. To stand out you need to be a talent-plus person. It is not talent, but what you add to it, that makes the greatest difference. Talent in itself will not help you attain your full potential.


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3 Reason Why Women love Men we can dance 

why do women find it so attractive when a man knows how to dance.


When it it comes to women and baseline attraction, any skill is better than no skill. It may seem useless – and maybe it is – unless you’re at a wedding, or about to get married, or want to attract most of the female population.  It shows that you took the time to learn something, and it’s an added bonus that it’s something she can actually relate to.


There are a lot of subconscious things at play when it comes to a men that can dance. The first thought is that this is someone who is social, sophisticated, and presentable. When a girl sees a man who dances, she sees someone who probably doesn’t take himself to seriously, is in better shape, is better groomed, and is probably more willing to open up or emote non-verbally. Not all of these may actually be true, but that’s the impression it gives, and for most women those characteristics are attractive.


Let be real, most women like attention. She put forth the effort to look amazing, and now it’s up to the man she dances with to make sure everyone else in the room notices. A good leader will adhere to the common rule: she’s the picture, he’s the frame. The point is to let her shine.  If the dance goes well, it makes her look good, and she feels beautiful.


It doesn’t matter what you think, she thinks dancing is manly, and manly men are hot. Maybe not a flannel in the forest chopping down trees type of manly, and lets be real you aren’t doing that either, but a suave kind of manly. One that says I like to hold the door open, I always hit on seventeen, and the only thing I mix my gin with is vermouth. It’s a very particular social interaction where you are the guy and she is the girl -you’re in charge. You’re the leader and she’s the follower, no questions asked. This is your time to stand out. You’re the initiator. You’re perceived as competent, confident, aggressive, athletic, a risk-taker and a guy who can think on his feet. Not just anybody will do; she wants to be held and led by a man. But she also wants to be respected, which only a man with character can do.

In the end, women find men who can dance attractive because they are able to make a connection both physically and mentally. Sure it’s something they enjoy, but it transcends that. Dancing is an activity that truly bridges the gap between the body and the mind. They have to work in tandem. It’s flirting without any words. You’re able to convey deeper emotions and express who you are without saying a word. A man who can dance is suave and respectful. He’s is willing to learn a skill that the woman he is with enjoys. He’s confident in himself and who he is. Simply put, he’s manly.

Suddenly it’s not so surprising he’s attractive.



Cover Star: Mahoe

Cover Story:  drizzykruiz

Photography: Amazingklef 

Style Direction: southboimusic

Cover Design: Drizzykruiz

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