Love a special gift to all humanity but when the ones you love resist from loving back,then love tends to be dark!!
Here is a song titled #Chimuaya_by_Anointed

This muti-Talented Nigeria Musician has always been inspired by Love and human well-being.
His full name is “Christian okonkwo Arinze”
From the eastern part of Nigeria.
Social media handles
@anointed onyenze1

Chimuanya lyric

“Anointed is here to say the truth again!!


I love u

Good woman!

I know u well

“but you broke up with me”

I don’t know what to do..
Because I Love U

good woman!!!

“Second vers”

I don dey call you for too long
You still dey talk say I too shot
I don day try to show you love
You still dey talk say I no sure
How can I cry with no tears
Abeg give me my own share


treat me well…

No dey dey try to fall my hands because I no wont fall ‘downĂ—3

No one else can give you what you want..
Even if they try they won’t do like my thoughts
I’m the only one to put this smile on your face…

(Then the 1st vers again)


I love you
Nwanyi oma!!!(good woman)
I know you too well

But you broke up with me

I don’t know what to do…
Because I love U

I love you

Good woman…..3Ă—
I don’t know what to do
Because I love u

Good woman…!

Song by “Anointed onyenze1”


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