At a point, one hardworking talented upcoming artiste who doesn’t give up on himself or herself will become a star.
Every superstar artistes you see today started out as an upcoming act and in most cases, the rate at which you work and push your craft determines how close you are to your big breakthrough.

In the light of this, we have decided to bring to you a list of 10  talented upcoming acts who have put in a lot of work in 2019 which makes 2020 a very promising year for them.

Infact, as Nigeria’s number 1 music and entertainment website, trust us when we say these guys on this list are super talented in their own ways, you all should look out for them in 2020.

Below Are Our Top 10 Talented Upcoming Artistes To Watchout For In 2020:-



Mahoe  is a fantastic Afropop artist who debuted in 2017. His  release of  “Choosen ft skales ” created a huge online boom and received

Over thousand views on youtube

Mahoe  has a style of music that brings in both both Afropop and Highlife Element to dance hall

Mahoe has been on a great run this year putting in much hard work featuring Nigerian celebrities Eg  Harrysong on Onyoma single and being featured on Tonyorch Nyimbo remix which gained more attention   Mahoe is one of the artsites to watch out for in 2020


Crayon is an exceptional songwriter and a recording artist.

He released his 6 tracks EP “Cray Cray” in middle of the year and his hit track “So Fine” made massive waves across the country.

Crayon may not have been given the chances and attention given to Rema, his fellow label mate but he has proven to have a unique melody in his music even better than that of Rema.

Crayon will be a star to watch out for come 2020.

3 Tonyorch 

You all remember the song CHIGOZIM by Tonyorch

It might interest you to know that Tonyorch has many dope songs this year and ofcourse, we cannot but agree that he might be the next “Boy” to blow in 2019.

We won’t forget to mention that his songs “    Nyimbo ,-Mendula  Chigozim Pikin and lot more  ” is the best ever new year song you would ever listen to. Trust me, the future is bright for tonyorch  in 2020. How ever the Singer is linked on being signed to DMW Music

You all should be on the lookout for him.

4 Lil Frosh

His debut single under DMW/AMW might have drew some concerns, yet the single drew industry awareness to him.

Armed with a Davido co-sign and the necessary financial backing, there’s no excuse for Lil Frosh not to succeed and churn out hit records now.

Hopefully, 2020 seems to be that year the youngster from Agege transition from being an upcoming act to a hit maker.

5 promzzy 


Posetive  crooner,  Promzzy caught the attention of many music lovers with his amazing vocals and good music delivery this year. we cannot but expect more bangers from this fast rising talent, Promzzy in 2020.

6 Zinoleesky

The Instagram singer collaborated with Lil Frosh on Instagram by dropping freestyles which hauled him an organic growth.

He has since then gathered his own fans across the nation but not all-blown yet in music industry.

According to report, Zino turned down AMW/DMW offering, which really means he has something to offer us independently.

7 Drizzykruiz 

Drizzykruiz makes an amazing sound that can be described as a kind  of  melodious  along with enticing lyrics.

Drizzykruiz debuted in 2016   drizzykruiz delivered a remarkable performance that really propelled his career. His track imperfect love did well and his follow up single ‘Secret love also gained popularity. Drizzykruiz has also released songs like Testimony  Specail and perfect somebody ,  and was featured on Ava songs Wifi  drizzykruiz is also a music blogger and his one of the artsit to watch out for in 2020

 8 Nizzysaint


Nizzysaint  is making waves in the Pop world with both his lyrics and delivery. nizzysaint released several new pieces through 2019. These included feel me now  Fk nizzy ’ and Miracle

Some suggest these were two of the best songs released in 2019. Nizzysaint continues to make the scene pop  in 2020

nizzysaint is one of the artsit to watch out for in 2020

9 Kellish


Kellish  has a very unique sound. S arrived on the scene in 2017.

The music leapt up in 2018 with the release of the hit single   my story gaining widespread recognition through 2019 with the release of ‘jalor  ’ and ‘controller .

kellish is one of artsit to watch out for oin 2020

10 Vic  Mmanuel 

Never underrate the power of hardwork and talent, it will get you closer to your dreams than you think.

But when a hit maker like Vic mmanuel is still on a low and yet to make wave in the industry,  “There is a reason  “Vic Mmanuel  is fast gaining love from the street with his ability to create a Music for his fans

Surely, Vic sn’t going to be sleeping on it in 2020. You all should watchout for him.

All his  songs are mind-blowing.


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Which Of These Artistes Do You Think Will Have A Better 2020?




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