Lil Wayne Is Back To Save Us All With “Sleepless”

Lil Wayne Is Back To Save Us All With “Sleepless”

Though it’s not entirely uncommon to hear new music from Lil Wayne, his arrival always feels like a rare occurrence. Today, Complex has premiered a brand new track from Weezy F. stemming from this year’s edition of Ethika’s RGB3 tape, following “Vizine” from last year’s edition. This time around, Weezy tackles an instrumental from WZRD BLD, once again flexing his storytelling chops like only he can.

Stylistically, his cadence is drenched with autotune, though his keen eye for imagery elevates the lyricism of the melodic moments. “Angels and witches,” he croons, in a falsetto. “Bengals and kittens, swingers and hitters, singles and sinners.” It’s relatively experimental for the New Orleans legend, whose voice malleates as his doomed romance unfolds. “Got me sleepless, sleepless in Miami,” laments Wayne. “You got me deep in thought when I’m deep inside of you.”

Check out the new single now, as shared by Complex. Look for that new Ethika RGB3 tape to drop on December 18th, right here. What do you think of Wayne’s contribution to the synesthetic cause?

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